Friday, September 3, 2010

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Next stop on our land tour is Cape Bolinao Lighthouse.  The imposing structure sits atop Piedra Point, Baranggay Patar and is the second tallest lighthouse in the country, next to Cape Borjeador in Ilocos.

The is one of the "worth it" stops in the tour.  Though we did not get to go inside the lighhouse, Piedra Point gave us a very scenic view of Bolinao.  The blue color of the sky is a beautiful contrast to the lush green color of the countryside.  Truly breathtaking!

Other destinations in the land tour are just a couple of beaches.  One had what the locals call white sand beach.  I was pretty disappointed with this, not because the sand is not white at all but because the shore was littered with trash.  Our driver explained that it is a public beach so everybody who went there was free to do whatever.  Sayang, the beach had potential pa naman.

Customary jumping shot

The other beach had unusual rock formations which we didn't get to appreciate because it was already dark when we arrived.

It was a fun land tour, after all, a Manila girl like me hardly gets a chance to journey all the way to Bolinao.  In Mamu's wise words, "andun ka na, e di sulitin mo na."

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