Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Leftover-free Dinner at Chili's

Before my brother left for the US he and Mamu joined a medical mission in Vigan. Feeling guilty about leaving me alone for four days, Mamu overcompensated with her 'pasalubong'. She brought home two five gallon containers of Sukang Iloko, five kilos of Vigan longganisa, ten pieces of empanadas, a box of torta, a chiffon-like cupcake similar to mamon and a kilo of bagnet, the Vigan version of lechon kawali, melt in your mouth taba yummy and really deadly.
Sadly, up to this day we're still trying to finish the bagnet and longganisa. We'd have longganisa for breakfast, bagnet for lunch and a choice of either longganisa or bagnet again for dinner. Well... in between there's the roast chicken which is another leftover but that's another story.
So when my friend Rivka told me that she was setting up a dinner with old college friends I gladly agreed to go. Even when there was a last minute cancellation because another friend got sick I insisted on pushing through with dinner because I was already looking forward to a bagnet/longganisa/roast chicken-free dinner.
She decided on Chili's at Greenbelt 5.
I was the first one to arrive and was promptly escorted to our outside table because this was what Rivka requested. It was quite humid that day so we requested for a table inside and immediately as soon a table for 3 was vacated we were transferred.
We decided to skip the appetizers because the servings are big and there are only two of us, another friend cancelled and Henry, the last of our company is as usual, fashionably late. We decided on the Mountain Jack Fajita, juicy, marinated grilled chicken/beef smothered with Jack cheese, bacon and fresh sauteed mushrooms served with onions, bell peppers and our roasted tomato salsa (as the menu described) and a side order of corn-on-the-cob shredded (go figure). Since I was already having a roast chicken overload we requested for both beef and chicken. First to arrive was the corn on the cob and soon after the Mushroom Jack Fajitas which was composed of a sizzling plate with the mushrooms, beef, chicken, cheese (which I only noticed on my second fajita) roasted peppers and onions; a small platter of pico de gallo, sour cream and grated cheese on a bed of shredded lettuce; and another platter with three pieces of tortilla (you can request for two more). The beef was cooked just right and so is the chicken. I liked the roast pepper and onions. Although it was challenge to eat the fajitas without eveything falling off, this is a fun meal because of the do-it-yourself factor involved, perfect for a barkada get together.
Henry finally decided that it was time to grace us with his presence. He ordered the Old-timer Burger which is always a good choice. Chili's burgers are always a tried and tested favorite. Never got to taste the burger though because I had three rolls of fajitas but the fries were good.
We had the Brownie Sundae for dessert. A sinful concoction of warm walnut brownie topped with vanilla ice cream. This was yummy, yummy, yummy and the best thing about's free! Yup, free courtesy of Rivka's Ayala Malls A Card. Indeed, the best things in life are free!
Chili's is definitely worth going back to. It was a fun..f night. We all had good conversation, good food and a great laugh.

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