Thursday, June 25, 2009

Roadtrips with Mamu

After months of thinking about it, weeks of talking about it with friends (eyes roll everytime the topic comes up) and days of researching I finally have my own blog! Yehey!
This was actually harder than I expected. I've been staring in front of the monitor for than two days contemplating on what my first blog should be. My friend (Henry) told me that it should be something about the site, sort of a bird's eye view.
So here goes... My brother left for the US a couple of days ago to pursue his medical internship training at West Virginia. Judging from the daily calls my mom and I could easily surmise that he was homesick. So to ease his homesickness and to keep him updated with what's going on I decided to start blogging.
Who is Mamu? She is my beloved Mamu who who like me, misses Johann (my brother). I promised her that we would be taking trips together to ease both our pangs of loneliness. I hope to take her to drive her around, that is when I finally learn how to drive, wherever the road will lead us.
In a nutshell, this is what the site is all about. Happenings in the Philippines to keep a loved one abroad updated and somehow ease their homesickness. I'll write about food, trips, experiences and anything about home.

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