Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alas! Everything Comes Together

Last month I got a call from Direk asking me to do a script for a product launch of one of their clients. He explained that this is a different event because the client wanted to incorporate a mini stage play in their launch. They wanted to do something along the lines of Camelot which they have been using for their sales and marketing blitz. Having grown up on the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table I just did very minimal research and submitted a script two days later. After a few minor revisions here and there, I never heard from them again.

Then on the first week of August I got another call informing me that the script was approved and that I was requested to watch the final rehearsal at the office.

A week after, we were in Greenhills for the final dress and technical rehearsals.

The event itself is a show within a show. There’s a live event hosted by Mellow Touch DJ Ingrid Nieto, then a couple of VTRs (video presentation which we call OBBs) to serve as teasers for the play, then the stage play and finally a performance by Jeffrey Hidalgo.

The whole event coming to life is really a combined effort of everyone involved. A lot of people don’t realize this. While I did the script for the stage play, the live event and OBB script was done by another writer . All the video materials are edited for a very long time, just as an example, a one- minute VTR is edited for a couple of hours, for this event, we had three so it took the editor more than four sleepless days to complete all the video materials. The creative director and production designer conceptualizes the stage, backdrop (background), basically, the overall look for the whole event. The production director sources all the technical requirements which include the technical staff and equipment. The technical staff sees to it that every nitty gritty detail (lights, sounds, camera,etc.) are all in place. The talents (voice, stage and hosts) breathes life into the show. And of course, the director combines all these elements together. Everything is subject to client's approval. When the client decides that they don’t like what they see, everything is revised. With their approval, it’s all systems go.

Here are some behind the scenes from The Quest. Most of the pictures were taken during the final rehearsal as I was busy backstage during the event.

The stage: During set-up

During final rehearsals

Part of the stage (taken backstage), a few minutes before the show.

Some of the actors being made-up

The big reveal...

Merlin the Great "Medician" played by Arkin

The Great Ching Kee played by Fourth

Lord Maharajah played by Von

Prince Slavic played by David

Rest Questor played by Luani

The whole cast

Direk, giving directions
During the final rehearsal, a day before the event, Direk was told that the clients liked what they saw so they’re planning to bring the event to five key cities nationwide.

A successful event, like this one, is really something to rejoice about.

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