Saturday, August 22, 2009

Partying "Berks" Style

Mamu and I received an invitation to a surprise birthday party for Ate Mila, one of her “berks”. Mamu really wasn’t really bent on going because she was undergoing a couple of tests that week for her cataract surgery. Thanks to Ate Encar, she changed her mind.

Mamu’s group (Ate Encar, Ate Vicky G. and Ate Merlie T.) was the first to arrive followed by another group of “berks”.

The early birds
One good thing about our quaint, albeit far, little subdivision is that every occasion, big and small, is celebrated by the community. Just a few weeks ago, Mamu came from a mananita (pronounced as manyanita), a practice where members of the community are serenaded (secretly) on the eve of their 50th birthday.

So it wasn’t really a surprise when almost everyone of Mamu’s berks came in full force to celebrate Ate Mila’s 57th or 60th, the most popular number that came out when asked about her age, not directly from her though, birthday.
All lined up waiting for the celebrant
Ate Mila’s arrival
One group even prepared a dance number complete with costume, colorful wigs and fishnet stockings!

Nobody But You as interpreted by The NV 1 “Hot Babes”
Everybody had fun posing in colorful wigs.
The "Berks" partied hard until 9 o'clock that night.
As soon as we were home Mamu told me to upload her photos on Facebook, yes she has an FB account, used mostly for Zuma, Jewel Puzzle and Marble Lines.

The senior citizens of "the Berks" gladly welcomed Ate Mila into their world. Most of the photos are courtesy of Mamu.

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