Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodies from Greenhills

I spent two very busy days at Greenhills for an event. Luckily, the event venue (I’m not sure if it's something I can mention yet) is located near one of the Promenade’s Food Court. As soon as I found an excuse to go out for awhile, I scanned the foodcourt. Three stalls caught my eye, Gonuts Donuts, So Zhou and Hizon’s.

Though I have very strong feelings (an understatement) for Kristy Kremes, Gonuts Doughnuts’ Pastillas Filled will always have a soft spot in my heart (or taste buds). I love Pastillas anytime and anywhere, I can finish a whole box of these sweets in one sitting. I love it even better inside a donut! All that rich, milky sweetness coating your mouth is to die for. I was too focused on the doughnut that I forgot to take pictures.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Su Zhou’s dumplings, particularly their Special Xiao Long Pao, a dumpling with a soup inside it (more like dumpling juice actually), so for a quick lunch I went there to try this. There was nothing quick about the lunch, as the cashier-slash-waitress explained, there’s a 10-15 minute waiting period because they steam the dumplings only after an order has been made. Finally my Xiao Long Pao (four pieces) arrived served on a bamboo steamer, each piece looks like a little siopao, slightly bigger than your average dumpling. Being the little eager beaver that I am, I bit into one of the dumpling. It was scalding hot! For a bonus, my pants caught the soup. Then I remembered reading somewhere that the proper way to eat these dumplings was to put in a spoon, puncture the wrapper first then allow the soup to flow to the spoon, sip the soup first then proceed to eat the dumplings. Once my tongue recovered, I followed the proper protocol and enjoyed my Xiao Long Pao. It was all I heard about and more! The wrapper is very soft (although I expected it to be more translucent) , the soup tasty, but oily, I still have the stains to prove it, and the dumplings moist and tender. But again, due to time constraints, I did not take a picture.

I also bought Su Zhou’s Jumbo Siopao called Ah Pao to take home to Mamu. We had that for breakfast (brunch for me). The mutant looking siopao was filled with all sorts of Chinese delights you can think of, bola-bola, salted duck egg, chorizo, mushroom, chicken (I think), pork plus a lot more. Too bad Su Zhou is only located in Greenhills.

I was spying what looks like a very luscious caramel cake from Hizon’s but when I went there the cake was gone. I just bought a Cream Roll, which looks like a pianono filled with yema, and a Queso de Bola Ensaymada for Mamu because it’s one of her favorites

As of this entry, the Ensyamada is atill in the refrigerator. I have no idea what Mamu is saving it for. But like she always says "You can never go wrong with anything from Hizon's."

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