Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Enchanted Cave of Bolinao

Part of our Puerto del Sol package is a land tour of several attractions near the resort.  Our first stop is the Enchanted Cave in Baranggay Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan.

After what seemed like forever in a long rough road, we were welcomed by a giant fossilized clam.  A few meters away we were at the entrance of the Enchanted Cave, a coral cave with a fresh water pool at the bottom.  This cave is quite famous according to our driver/tour guide.  The movie Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Balat ng Lupa and somewhat recently, Dyesebel (the one with Marian Rivers) were shot here.

We had to go down a steep staircase to reach the bottom of the cave.  Inside, the temperature was a bit cooler, a nice change from the humid weather of Bolinao.  Going down, we saw a lot of rock formations.  It reminded me of a scene from Harry Potter where Hagrid took Harry to Gringotts to retrieve the Sorcerer's Stone from an underground vault.

Stalactites or stalagmites?

The pool looked more of a lagoon.  I didn't get a decent shot of the pool but it was clean, very clear and inviting.

The Enchanted Cave of Bolinao is not something you see everyday.  If you happen to be around the area, I highly recommend you check it out.  Swim in the underground lagoon if you want.  We didn't get to do this because we started pretty late with the land tour and we were running on a tight schedule.

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