Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bed Weather Delivery

I was stuck at home when tropical storm “Isang” raged on yesterday. I was practically online the whole day and I noticed so was everyone else. Well truth be told, I started hanging online late in the afternoon, I was asleep before that, perfect bed weather and all. Even our dogs have the same idea.

Then one of my friends updated his Facebook status with something about Kowloon siopao and mami. Gloomy weather, rainy afternoon, cold weather, warm siopao, hot and spicy mami. What could be better than that? Since Kowloon doesn’t deliver and I don’t have any plans to brave the storm, I figured the next best thing would be Chowking. It's no Kowloon (especially in the siopao department), but they deliver in any weather.

I called up their delivery number placed my order for two Spicy Beef Wanton Noodles (one for me and one for Mamu), two large siopaos and one large Nai Cha. Surprisingly our food didn’t take forever to arrive, complete with exact change and all the condiments I requested. Plus, Mamu was given her senior citizen discount (I was told that they honor this even for deliveries).

It may be raining cats and dogs outside but today is good day.

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