Saturday, July 25, 2009

Berks Overload

Sunday mornings are usually spent with Mamu’s Berks (a group of friends form our Subdivision whose ages are approximately 40 and over, emphasis on over). After the 7 a.m. mass at the chapel, we have breakfast at the Study Hall then proceed to Bible Study (which turns one year this August). At 10 a.m. Bible study adjourns and that’s usually the last I see of the Berks for the week.

But for the past two weeks, I’ve been spending more time with them.

Dra. Lulut, our bible study facilitator wanted to ensure participation from the whole class, she wanted us to do a group report. So she divided us into groups and assigned each group with five chapters from the Book of Numbers. I was grouped with Mamu, Ate Mhady, Ate Vicky, Ate Encar and Ate Net. Our assignment is Chapters 11-15.

Someone suggested a powerpoint presentation. Being the most “techie” (my knowlege is pretty basic at best) in the group, Mamu assigned me to make the powerpoint (like I had a choice).

When I showed Mamu what I did, she looked disappointed and told me “Gusto ko yung lumilipad-lipad. Translated to: she wanted more animation. So it took me two days to finish a really simple presentation. But I got rewarded with a movie and a box of silvanas!

After that we had to meet regularly to discuss our report. I use the term discuss loosely because 50% of the time they just made chika. Fortunately or unfortunately (for me especially), we were not able to report because the previous group’s discussion went on overtime.

Then last Wednesday, Mamu received a text from Ate Ethyl inviting her (and me) for merienda at Razon’s, Techno Hub. Her daughter passed the Dentistry board exams and as a sort of thanksgiving she wanted to treat everyone.

I didn’t have anything better to do so I decided to go.

They ordered the usual, Halo-halo and Pancit Luglug which is good, as always. Halfway through my halo-halo, the usual round of chikahan started. This time it was more serious, things they feared, things that made them unhappy, people that caused them pain, etc. Think of it as an angst ridden discussion among the fifty-somethings. It was amusing at first, but as it was angst, talks went on to heavier and sadder things. So heavy in fact, I felt like a kid lost in an adult conversation. It was awkward at best. So awkward in fact, by the time I was done with my halo-halo, I hurriedly excused myself to check out National Bookstore (thank goodness it was already open).

Thankfully, by the time I came back they were already laughing.

On the way home, my groupmates proposed that we have another meeting that afternoon to “rehearse” our report. I just smiled at this suggestion. But when I got home I told Mamu “Don’t you think we had enough meetings na? We had more meetings than any of my groups in MBA!” To which Mamu typically replied “Hayaan mo na.” I just rolled my eyes in reply.

Of course, half of our “rehearsal” was their usual chikahan. This time it revolved around the what they talked about at Razon’s. Gosh, I thought was spared from the blow by blow earlier but here I was listening helplessly to the summary!

So when Mamu invited me to join her to another event at the Church with the incentive “They’ll be serving dinner. You don’t have to cook.” I said flat out "No. Thanks."

I would gladly sit this one out.

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