Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Hangout in Commonwealth

It was my first time at the U.P. Ayala Techno Hub in Quezon City. Walking around and looking at the shops in the complex I can't help but tell Mamu “Finally, progress comes to Commonwealth!” It was Mamu’s second time there so she wasn’t as impressed, she was just excited to reach Razon’s of Guagua for her favorite halo-halo.

We ordered halo-halo, Pancit Luglug and silvanas. As usual, Razon’s halo-halo is great especially on that hot afternoon. It only has three ingredients, sweetened banana, macapuno and leche flan. I remember hearing someone said it was the ultimate minimalist halo-halo. All the ingredients are cooked just right. But for me, the best thing about Razon’s halo-halo is the ice. It’s just so fine that it absorbs the creaminess of the milk. Mamu and I have different theories on how they make their ice, the best we came up with is that they freeze milk instead of water so it’s actually iced milk! Then they use an ice shaver. The Ate Mhady (one of Mamu’s berks) said that she thinks they combine crushed ice and milk then put it in a blender. Hmmm…another possibility we never thought of. But whatever it is, Razon’s halo-halo is the creamiest I've had. If there’s one complaint though, I wish it had more leche flan, but apart from that, it is simply, in the words of Alton Brown, good eats!

Moving on (enough praises for the halo-halo), the Pansit Luglug was a bit salty even after two calamansi slices and it seems to have gotten smaller since the last time I was at Razon’s (I forgot what branch). The silvanas was prepared just the way I like it, chewy, creamy and buttery. I’m really glad that there’s a Razon’s of Guagua here in Commonwealth.

Mamu was happily chatting with her berks so I excused myself to check out the Techno Hub complex. There's the requisite coffee shops where a lot of call center employees were hanging out. Some of the restaurants in the complex are Le Ching, Red Kimono, Mister Kebab, Flapjack, Ral’s (a Filipino Resto) and a Mini-Stop. I was excited to see a soon to open banner of the Kanin Club.

I went inside a Mac store whose name escapes me now to check out the Macbook Pro 13 inches. But the saleslady told me that it was out of stock and they didn’t have a demo unit. So up to now, I still haven’t seen this new Apple laptop.

I was trying to take a good shot of the U.P. Ayala Techno Hub façade when the security guard told me that taking pictures of the buildings in the complex (façade included) was not allowed. Good thing I was able to take pictures earlier!

I returned to Razon’s and found a basket of San Nicholas. These are handmade cookies from Pampanga. I’ve always been curious how these cookies taste like ever since I saw a feature on TV on how it is made. I took a bite, it tasted like a more delicate uraro, nothing special, but I’m not much of a cookie person (except for chocolate chips) so I'm really no expert.

Seeing the crowd gathering outside Razon’s we realized that we’ve been there for more than two hours. Maybe these people also wanted a taste of Razon’s halo-halo. So we left and walked around for a while, Mamu and her berks also wanted to see the other shops. Ate Encar said that the complex looks better at night when all the buildings and shops are all lit up.

Note to self: Mamu and I should definitely come back after sundown.

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