Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Senior Citizens at the Movies

Most of my friends have seen Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on its opening weekend. Blame it on my lack of foresight, I didn’t make reservations earlier and by July 15, it was close to impossible to find tickets.

Being a Harry Potter fan and having read all the books more than twice (this is really is an understatement) I badly wanted to watch the movie. This dilemma just left me with two options: one, watch the movie alone and two, watch the movie with Mamu.

Mamu doesn’t know anything about Harry Potter, as in nada, so it's practically like watching the movie alone. Plus, she has this habit of sleeping halfway through the movie, any movie (even the ones shown on TV) for that matter. But she told me that she has this senior citizen privilege of watching movies for free on Mondays and Tuesdays but only be for the first full show.

I figured with her senior citizen privilege it’s not so bad even if she sleeps throughout the movie, at least I have company. She dozed off after 15 minutes and I had to nudge her a couple of times.

Our total bill for the movie is 160.25 pesos, 160 for me and 25 centavos (I guess for the taxes) for Mamu.

We entered the theater at 12:55, it was almost deserted except for a sprinkling of a few white haired movie goers.

At the comfort room, 90% of the ladies are of Mamu’s age or older. I haven’t seen this large a gathering of old people in one place, at least not in a mall. I even told Mamu that maybe she should get to know a couple of these ladies so that she would have her own set of movie going friends. They can get together every Mondays or Tuesdays!

After the movie, which I enjoyed by the way, especially the Christmas attack on the Burrow because that scene wasn’t in the book, I asked Mamu if she understood the movie. She said “No!” and asked me why was everyone in the movie flying. I patiently explained that the movie was about witches and wizards and the term flying applies only when their on broomsticks, otherwise the proper term for it is “apparate” and “disapparate.

Patience though, in this case, is not a virtue, because after telling her all I know about Harry Potter, she looked at me and said “I still don’t get it.”

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