Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Say Bulalo, You Say Pochero

I grew up thinking that pochero was nilaga in tomato sauce with saging na saba and kamote (lately we mixed in chorizo de bilbao and ganbanzos), not bad but we prefer nilaga.

But in Cebu, at Abuhan Uno in particular, pochero (with the addition of bamboo shoots) is bulalo, long cooked beef shank in that flavorful and comforting broth.  What makes bulalo better than nilaga is the utak, that marrow lodged in the shank is pure bliss.  It'a always fun to watch people trying to extract that creamy goodness.  So simple yet so sinful.  Best served with steaming rice, toyo, calamansi and lots of sili.  Haaayyy...

I'm just not sure if pochero is the (beef) part or the name of the dish because I saw a Sizzling Pochero in the menu.  The waiter explained that this is pochero with a special sauce served on a sizzling plate.  Sure sounds like sizzling bulalo to me which we didn't order.  I think the bulalo/pochero is enough cholesterol overload for one meal.

Bulalo...errr pochero, however you call it, in the words of Alton Brown is definitely good eats.

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