Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Morning at Taboan Market

I've been forwarned, "Wag ka maligo bago pumunta sa Taboan."  But alas, the knock on the door came too late.  After taking a shower and carefully blow drying my hair, everyone was told that we were going to Tabaon Market.

Taboan looks and smells like a typical market.  An endless sea of dried fish welcomed us and the smell is something else, dumidikit kahit sa buhok.
All kinds of dried pusit
Fish, fish, fish everywhere
Danggit retails for about Php450 a kilo. The best ones are from Bantayan.  I think the most expensive seafood there is the hand shredded dried pusit which sells for Php600.

I also bought dried mangoes for Php200 a kilo and mango puree, I forgot how much but definitely way cheaper than the branded ones at the grocery.

The morning at Taboan was well spent.

We brought our purchases and the smell of Taboan back to our hotel much to the chagrin of the people we were in the elevator with.  As soon as I reached our room I headed for the shower.

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