Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Favorite Siopao

I grew up eating Kowloon House's Jumbo Pao since forever and to this day I still love it.  Why, you ask?

First, there's the fluffy white bun, the texture of which I can't really describe but it's something I associate with my old siopao eating days. 

Then there's the tasty bola-bola filling, the saltiness of which is complemented by the slight sweetness of the bun.

It contains two of my favorite Chinese treats, salted duck egg, and asado (roasted porkloin).  There's also a big juicy Chinese sausage (the real one, not the artificial tasting stuff in the grocery).

And lastly, it's the only siopao that I eat as is.  No asado sauce required, thank you.

Kowloon's Jumbo Pao is hands down, my favorite siopao.  Ever.

But wait, in my (sometimes unfortunate) experience, not all Kowloon branches are created equal, let's just say, some have better siopao than others.  I suggest getting your siopao fix at their West Avenue and Diliman (near Philippine Heart Center) branches.

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