Friday, August 6, 2010

Living on the Edge

One of my best adventures in Cebu happened at The Crown Regency Hotel, the tallest structure in the province, but the real adventure happens at the two top floors.

The Skywalk Extreme Adventure is a 15-minute walk.  What so extreme about a walk, right?  Well, the walkway area is at the edge of the 37th floor on a platform with no railing. 

First, we were asked to sign a waiver that basically says, we participated in the activity knowing the dangers involved and the hotel is not liable in case something happens to us. Then we were suited up with an orange and blue jumpsuit, think MC Hammer meets Jabbowackeez.

After a short orientation and the realization that the harness was the only thing that kept us safe, we were off. 

Along with us came the Skywalk guide and the official photographer who asked us to pose every now and then.
Look Mamu, no hands!

The most exciting part of the walk is the clear fiberglass platform where we were asked to look down.  I just saw a lot of bright lights, lovely but still they looked like lighted dots.  To get a better view of Cebu I think this adventure should be done in broad daylight. 
No room for acrophobia

After the adventure we were given certificates.

Photos are sold at the registration area, you have the option to choose between an individually framed photo or a CD of all your shots.  Since, we came as a group we opted for the CD instead.  I can't remember how much we paid for the CD but it was pricey, around 200+ per person (we were a group of six).

To some, the Skywalk Extreme is enough adventure for one night but not for us.  We wanted to try the Edge Coaster, a three minute ride on a coaster seat along the edge of the 38th floor.

The seat is equipped with a device that controls the tilt of the coaster up to 55 degrees.  I tilted like there was no tomorrow and screamed my lungs out.
Total adrenaline rush!
The three minutes seemed like a few seconds, medyo bitin.  We wanted to ride again but were told that they close at exactly 12 midnight on a weekday.  Our plea fell on deaf ears as they shut down the lights. 

Notice the dark background as we posed with our Edge Coaster certificates.

Life is short.  Live on the edge once in a while.  I totally agree.

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