Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My (sort of ) Weird Guilty Pleasure

Let me share something weird about myself.  One of my favorite cheap treat and guilty pleasure is Sky Flakes and Reno Liver Spread (with ice cold Coke, thank you).  I know that doesn't sound too weird but other than with Sky Flakes or mixed in Kaldereta, I don't really like Reno or any liver spread for that matter.  Case in point, if you give me pan de sal, or tasty or any other bread with Reno, I will not eat it.  It has to be with Sky Flakes, yun lang.  Or if you give me Sky Flakes with any liver spread other than Reno, I will not eat it.  I remember one time, Mamu bought me an imported brand of liver spread because she doesn't like me eating Reno, I did not even attempt to open the can.  Weirder still, is the fact that I don't really like liver and no one in my family likes Reno.

Anyway, what I always do is spread a liberal amount of Reno on Sky Flakes and eat to my heart's contest.  I can usually finish 20 crackers in one lazy seating!

Just a tip, whenever I fail to finish a whole can of liver spread, which isn't often, I transfer whatever's left to an airtight plastic container and put it in the fridge.  Just the word botulism scares me.

What's your weird guilty pleasure?

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