Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More is More!

Growing up Brazo de Mercedes is my least favorite dessert.  That light brown and white roll with a yellow custard center.  While I like the yellow yema-like center, I don't care much for the white soft meringue-like outer layer.  My idea of a good brazo is less of the mushy white part and more of the yummy yellow part.

Imagine my delight when I saw the words "Overstuffed Brazo" at Greenwich. I immediately ordered one.

True to it's name, this is one overstuffed brazo!  Look at how thick the custard is compared to the meringue.  I noticed that the meringue is not that mushy (compared to the brazos of my younger days) and the custard is creamy and not overly sweet.  I just think the white chocolate topping is a bit of an overkill, though.

The best part about my ideal Brazo de Mercedes?  It's only Php99 a slice.  Winner!

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