Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Open Air Just Makes Food Taste Better

We were welcomed by smoke, lots and lots of smoke and the scent of grilled seafood and barbecue at Larsian Fuente, a big open air area lined with barbecue stands located beside Chong Hua Hospital along Fuente Osmena street.

Larsian is a barbecue lover's dream.  The stalls offer just about anything grilled - pusit, hipon, fish, chicken, pork, longganisa, even chicken skin, name it, you'll find it here.
Barbecue galore!
Squid and fish

This is my first time to try the popular "puso" or rice wrapped in what looks like coconut leaves but I'm not really sure. These puso are hanged near the ihawan to absorb the smoky flavor resulting in a more flavorful rice.
I had six of these babies!
Calamansi, onion and sili

We left Larsian smelling like barbecue and I'm guessing a couple of pounds heavier.  Maybe there's some truth to that quotation I read from a children's story, "The open air makes food taste better."  Larsian proves that indeed it does.

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