Sunday, July 4, 2010

Durian Coffee

We wanted durian coffee, but had no idea what or where the coffee shop is and since the hotel’s wifi is not free, Google is definitely out of the question.  We decided to look for it the old fashioned way, by asking around.  Lucky us, the coffee shop is famous and it was five minutes away from our hotel.
Blugre (pronounced as blue gray) built its reputation around their durian coffee which comes in two varieties.  Gatchppuccino is hot cappuccino blended with fresh durian while Larceppuccino is basically the ice blended version.  For an establishment that celebrates durian as the king of fruits, they don’t allow fresh durian in their air-conditioned area, ironic isn’t it?
I ordered the Larceppucino with coffee.  This also comes in a cream version for the non-coffee drinkers.   
My drink is good, I tasted the coffee and the durian but I expected the durian flavor to be stronger.  I had a sip of my friend’s Gatchppuccino and I like her drink better because the durian taste is more pronounced.  I think the additional whipped cream in the Larceppuccino somehow diluted the flavor of the durian.  The cream version on the other hand is just like durian ice cream.
The staff at Blugre is a friendly bunch.  They patiently answered our never ending questions, first of their products and eventually about Davao itself.  When asked about the names of their famous drinks, they said that the Gatchppuccino and Larceppuccino were named after the owners Gatchi and Larci respectively.  They even agreed to dispose of the fresh durian we brought.
Note to self:  On my next trip to Davao, visiting Blugre again will definitely be a part of my itinerary. 

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