Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Burger I Can Eat Everyday...

After a draining meeting which lasted well into night, we were hungry, really hungry but nary was a fast food in sight. Where's that jolly ol' bee when you need him?

Along C5 road in Pasig an unfamiliar sign beckoned us.
I remember telling my office mates who were skeptical, "Gutom na ako.  Kahit ano pa yan patulan na natin."

I almost changed my mind when I saw this in their tiny window. Chicken? Veggie?  Where's the beef?
Their waitress/ cashier told us that their burgers are of the healthy kind made of chicken breast meat or vegemeat.  But it was this or a sit down resto where I'm sure the ordering and the waiting would take longer, gutom na gutom na talaga ako, as in!

Their menu which was posted on the window looks promising.
Their burgers are available in three sizes: Good (small single patty), Better (single patty bigger than Good) and Best (double patty).  

We all opted for the Better Bacon (made of vegemeat) Mozza Melt, our reasoning, if it turned out to be lasang papel at least single patty lang but it was filling, enough to tide us over until we get to the office where we have "real food".  Besides, in my book, you can never go wrong with mozzarella.

We waited in the car and a good 10 minutes after our orders were delivered.  Everything was hot!  Literally.  Good Burgers makes use of  a big pan de sal instead of a hamburger bun, a very Pinoy touch.  On my first bite I couldn't believe that I was eating something healthy.  The burger was moist, juicy, well seasoned and yummy!  Except for the oohhs and ahhhs, conversation practically ceased  inside the car.  
Bacon Mozza Melt (Better)
When we arrived the office I immediately googled Good Burgers and found out they had a branch in Quezon City, we searched Maginhawa Street in U.P. Teacher's Village but couldn't find it.  I swear I've been craving this burger for weeks.

Then one time, I was feeling down, my sister suggested we give my search another try.  This time we ventured Maginhawa further down towards Sikatuna Village.  Lo and behold!  The now familiar sign.

On that visit, we learned more about my now favorite healthy burger.  All the while I thought what we ordered last time was the vegetarian burger, turns out, it was chicken.  The vegetarian burger is only available in two sizes, good and best.  The (more chatty) cashier told us that if I had a better burger then it was definitely chicken patty.

This time around I tried the Margherita Burger (basil, mozarella and roasted tomatoes).  Heaven in every bite, I think this is an ice cream brand's tagline.
Margherita Burger (Best)
We took home a vegetarian burger for Mamu and Papi.  It looked and tasted like grilled luncheon meat.  Really good also but being the carnivore that I am, I still prefer the chicken burger.

Good Burgers is something I can eat everyday without feeling guilty.  If only they deliver in our area.

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