Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mamu's Homemade Bangus Sardines

Mamu was bursting with excitement when she told me that she received a text message from her suki. "Meron silang bangus na pang sardines," she told me.

I don't like bangus but I was really excited because this means homemade bangus sardines.  One of Mamu's best dishes ever!

I told her to get 10 kilos, but she said 5 would be more than enough for us.

Bangus sardines is pretty easy to prepare.  The hardest part is cleaning the bangus because Mamu never makes this unless the bangus is really small, about 4-5 inches.  The smaller the better.

First, she layers the bangus in a pressure cooker then pours olive oil (or canola). Next, she tops everything with spices and aromatics; carrots, chili peppers, bay leaves, whole peppercorns, a secret ingredient which Mamu refuses to divulge, unless your family (clue: a fragrant spice that reminds me of Christmas), and salt. 

After two hours, the smell of the sardines fills the room.

I swear no sardines comes close to this.  Nary a bone in sight because it's soft and edible.  Real sarap to the bones goodness.

Best with garlic fried rice and patis with a lot of sili. 

I always tell Mamu, "Magbenta na tayo ng sardines.  Ikakayaman natin 'to."  It's really that good!

True enough, the five kilos was a little bitin.  It was compete wiped out by day 4 (we're a family of four).  To be fair, Mamu gave some to her friends.

Next time she receives a text from her suki, I'll tell her to get 10 kilos.

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