Friday, July 2, 2010

The Durian Experience

It was my first time in Davao so I really had no idea what to expect. As soon as we got out of the plane, the scent of durian welcomed us to the “Royal City of the South.” I made a mental note of finally giving durian a try.

I guess it’s about time, after all, I like durian candy, durian ice cream and almost all durian made pasalubong anyone can think of. I’m not at all appalled by its smell as a lot of people are, rather I would describe it as distinct. I don’t remember trying durian before, but Mamu told me I did, and to say I did not like it is an understatement she assured me. I thought this was just one of Mamu’s exaggerated childhood recollections about me.

On the way to get coffee I spotted a durian vendor. He told me, that durian is twenty five pesos a kilo. The spiny guy I chose cost me forty pesos (I think the deadly skin alone weighs more than a kilo).

Unfortunately my durian was not allowed inside the coffee shop so I had to leave it outside, much to the relief of my friends. The much anticipated taste test will just have to wait.

When we transferred to a table outside I excitedly reclaimed my durian.

As soon as the spiny exterior was open, that distinct smell became more potent. But I did not lose heart. I convinced myself that I like durian products so the taste must not be so bad.

I dipped my finger in that yellow flesh, not bad I thought, it was in fact very creamy. I finally put my finger in my mouth.

OMG!  It was all sorts of taste (of sulphur and an aged onion), if that's possible, overwhelming my tastebuds, but not in a good way.  It was that durian scent that welcomed me but this time it would not leave my mouth. Now I know Mamu was not exaggerating when she told me I all but spit out the durian that she brought home once upon a time.

But I convinced myself to try it again. This time I pinched my nose and surprisingly, I tasted the creaminess of the flesh and the sweetness of the fruit. To be fair, it did not taste bad, it just overwhelmed me. Looks like I'm not trying durian anytime soon. 

Alas the real thing is too much for my pedestrian taste buds! I realize that I should just stick to the durian products I like so much. Oh durian, at least I tried.

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