Sunday, July 25, 2010

Go Fan

Mamu's go to food has and will always be Chinese.  When I suggested we try Go Fan at SM City Fairview, she eagerly agreed.

Go Fan Roasts and Dimsum is a Hong Kong style resto where ordering is somewhat interactive.  In fact, part of their menu is a how to order instructions.  But we didn't get to try this. We ordered set meals instead.

Mamu tried the Fried Dumpling and Yang Chow value meal.  The dimsum is meaty but the sauce, more like  colored cornstarch slurry, is really bland.  Good thing they have different sauces on the table so I opted to use the hoisin.  I like their Yang Chow which has this smoky flavor from the asado bits, but then again you can never go wrong with Yang Chow.  At 70 pesos, I guess we really don't have anything to complain about.
FYI, the Yang Chow is really heavy and siksik.

The Dimsum Sampler is really a good value at 299 pesos.  It contains 3 pieces each of their most popular dumplings.  There's Siopao, Shrimp, Hakaw, Spinach and Hot and Sour.
My favorite is the Spinach Dumpling, the one with the green filling in the middle.  It was herby and garlicky complemented by a DIY dipping sauce of calamansi, soy sauce, vinegar and chili oil.  Winner!

They use real roe in their Shrimp Dumpling

The Dimsum Sampler comes with a free pitcher of ice tea 
We're definitely go back to Go Fan.  I'm dying to find out how to use their interactive menu.

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