Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Yummy Prelude to Siesta

We had lunch at Ah Fat Seafood Plaza, a popular Chinese restaurant in Davao. 

The interior is that of a typical Chinese restaurant you’ll find in Binondo and the table is set family style complete with a lazy susan.

There's also a glass kitchen but instead of Peking Duck and other roasted goodies it showcases the restaurants seafood.  

I was treated to lunch here so I was not part of the “ordering” committee. The names of the dishes escape me now but I will try to provide a detailed description.

I think they call this one Seafood Soup but it looks and taste like Filipino boullabaisse with crabs, shrimps, clams, fish fillet and mushrooms.  It tastes like Mamu's boullabaisse actually, creamy and rich with seafood goodness.

There was nothing really special about their Beef and Brocolli (again I'm not sure about the name).  In fact, I hardly remember this dish.

But this Garlic Fried Chicken dish is one of the best I've had.  The chicken was cut into bite size pieces, lightly coated with cornstarch (I'm not sure though) because it was really crispy and sprinkled with fried garlic bits.  I remember trying to scoop up the garlic bits.  Delish!

Another memorable dish is this Crab Foo Yong, again I'm not sure about the name.  But it's like a a dome shaped omelette and inside is a mound of crabmeat.  The sauce was a little salty but it was balanced by the sweetness of the crabmeat. Really, really good.

The Steamed Lapu-lapu was spanking fresh.  There was really nothing special about the sauce but the Lapu-lapu clearly is the star of this dish.

The Sizzling Squid arrived late, my stomach didn't have enough room to fully appreciate this dish.  But those who had more to spare  told me that it was the perfect pulutan.
I stifled a yawn as we left Ah Fat stuffed to the brim with thoughts of going back to the hotel for a quick siesta.  Ahhh...I think my bed is calling.

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